GT-Collection: Summer/Fall 2019 Trend for Men Accessories

Name: Gasper Tratnik

Country: Slovenia



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Profession: Model, Entrepreneur

Your Story:

Hi Gasper, it’s been three years since we have first approached and interviewed you. How’s life going?

Hello and thank you for having me on board again. Life is going good, I can say. I've been pretty busy in the last two years. I'm not travelling as a model anymore, because I put my focus on developing my personal brand, which takes me a lot of time.

Do you still model or you focus as an entrepreneur nowadays?

I still do modelling in my country, but this is not my primary job anymore. My main focus now is entrepreneurship and developing my personal brand called GT collection. It's just the next step in my modelling career.

Tell us more about GT-Collection?

I founded GT collection in summer 2017. When I returned back to my country in 2016, I started to think about something more, something more in my modelling career. At first, I had no idea in which direction I should go, but after some time, I got a vision and a dream that brought me where I am right now. I did a lot of researches that year, and I've read many entrepreneurial books, I studied online marketing and design, and in summer 2017, I opened my online shop with first products. My first products were designer jewellery made of spirituality healing gemstones, and then I slowly added more and more items under my collection. Now, after two years of hard work GT collection offers also timeless and elegant watches, premium apparel and leather goods. Take a look at for more.

How did you transition as a model to model/entrepreneur?

As I already mentioned before, I got a vision that I want to do something more in my modelling career. At first, I had to change my mindset, and I did this with reading books for personal growth and entrepreneurship. I had to learn many new things, that's why I invested a lot of money into online educational courses. Before when I was working full time as a model, I was all the time working for someone else for different brands. But now that I have my personal brand, I work all the time for myself and my company. This is a huge difference in your mindset, and I must admit that's worth it.

Can you say that you are successful at this moment?

I can say that I'm successful with what I'm currently doing, but definitely, I'm not satisfied yet with where I am at the this moment. 

What is the dream, Gasper?

Everyone can explain his dream in different ways, but my goal is that one day I can offer our items in many retail shops worldwide, and when I walk around, I will see people wearing my brand GT collection. 

Why did you decide to choose a creative designer/entrepreneur as a career?

Actually, I did not choose this from the beginning; everything was spontaneous. First, I was working as a model, then I got a new idea to have a personal brand, and after that, this idea has grown into a real company. But I think that one of the most important things was an idea to work for myself and not for others anymore.

What according to you is a favourite part of being a creative


I like to mix fashion with culture, creating pieces that are trendy with the significant cultural history behind it. My extensive knowledge and experience in the fashion industry mean I know everything about the latest trends.

The designs you created are no doubt great, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?

I've been working in the fashion industry since 2013 and after meeting my idol, David Gandy, in Hong Kong, I became inspired to launch my own personal brand. There is also another great model/entrepreneur from Italy; his name is Mariano Di Vaio. He's also my inspiration for many things I'm doing.

What skills, according to you, are necessary for a successful creative designer/entrepreneur?

I think you just need a very good imagination and vision in your designs. Of course, you need to do market research and learn from other great people/entrepreneurs.

How do you stay up to date regarding fashion and designing your creations?

I read many fashion articles, I follow different fashion designers, and then I get many inspirations about new items that I want to launch. When you are working in this business, you need to be up to date all the time and follow all fashion trends to be a step ahead of your competition.

What can you tell someone is new and starting in this field?

Don't give up! If you have a vision and dreams that you wanna do something, you can do it! Just work hard for it; learn everything from more successful people, invest your money and time into knowledge. Be ready for failures; be ready that you will lose some money and believe in yourself. Mindset is everything. Find your mentor, find your team, because, with their help, you will reach your goal much faster.